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Special attention is paid to services that help attracting children and youth to use the Open Karelia system. The main purpose is to inspire interest in learning more about the history and cultural heritage of the region, when the materials are delivered in the most comfortable, interactive and playful way. At the moment the Open Karelia system already has two gaming modules integrated into the system - "A Regional History Quest" and "With One Word", which is the museum version of a popular game "4 images - 1 word".

The basic idea of the Regional History Quest game is to use historical and cultural information on the region in order to create tasks (quests) so that the user can learn about the local history and culture by playing in this real environment, fulfilling tasks and having fun. Users can access this game from any personal device (e.g., a smart phone or a tablet computer) and enjoy the game tasks. The main idea of the game is to identify relationships between the played objects and reconstruct the story that unites them. Any database object could be used in game scenarios and museum workers can easily prepare and release new scenarios and edit available scenarios.

The game "With One Word" is a special version of the popular game "4 images - one word". The player should correctly and with minimal time find a word that defines a logical connection for 4 presented pictures from the museum’s collection. The game comes together with an admin tool for creating new game scenarios based on the objects from the Open Karelia database.

In addition, there is one more game based on the Open Karelia system. It is called "The Museum Puzzle". The player should in minimal time restore the sequence of objects on the game field. For example, the player should correctly place objects on the city map or put historical events on a timeline or build a correct sequence of steps in the reconstruction of the production and so on.

All games have a specially designed program shell and are based on the data from the Open Karelia system. The back office is developed so that any museum worker can create own games and change content and tasks depending on certain goals and focus of this or that museum. These games were successfully tested in the National Museum in Petrozavodsk.

These games can be downloaded from the official Google Play store for Android-based devices:
- Game “Mystery of Museum Objects” (for children 6-8 years old)
- Game "Museum Quest” (for children 8-11 years old)
- Game “Regional History Quest”
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.fruct.karmus2 .

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