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8 march 2015

A modern museum to a young city. News on local TV

Watch the news about the Chronograph of the Kostomuksha Birthplace exhibition http://vk.com/vestikarelia?w=wall-48613829_10858 (in Russian)

31 january 2015

The project is completed but not over

On 31.12.2014 the project was completed. You can download the final report covering the whole project at http://museumhypertext.fondrk.ru/en/27.html.

19 january 2015

OPEN KARELIA. Free to join

Open Karelia is a virtual guide on the Euregio Karelia region that puts together and presents the museumsĺ collections and exhibits, cultural heritage, traditions, historical facts about the Russian and Finnish Karelia. More ...

28 december 2014

The Great Museum Tour

The final tour to the participating museums took place in December 2014. More ...

8 november 2014

Open Karelia module received the Diploma of the Winner

On October 22-23, 2014 the winners of the First MUSEUM GEEK Festival of museum multimedia were awarded at the State Historical Museum of Religion in St.Petersburg. The National Museum of the Republic of Karelia was among them. More ...

14 october 2014

Museum Communications and Marketing. A seminar in Petrozavodsk.

A seminar "Museum Communications and Marketing" is being held in the National Museum of Karelia, Petrozavodsk on October 13-15, 2014. More ...

30 may 2014


The project team has compiled a report on what has been done during 2013. You can find it following this link http://museumhypertext.fondrk.ru/en/27.html

28 may 2014

Open Karelia at ADIT-2014 conference

Euregio Karelia: Museum Hypertext project team presented the Open Karelia information system at the ADIT international museum conference in Vyborg. More ...

20 may 2014

Museum Geek Festival: the results

Module of the Open Karelia museum information system won the nomination in the Museum Geek Festival. More ...

21 april 2014

Open Karelia system on the Museum Geek Festival. Please, vote!

The Open Karelia museum information system and an Audio Guide module for people with visual impairment have been submitted to the Museum Geek festival of museum multimedia. More ...

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