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7 may 2013

Experts sessions in museums

In spring - summer 2013 a series of experts’ sessions were organized in the participating museums:

19. – 20.4.2013 Regional museum of Northern Priladozhye, Sortavala;
13. – 14.5.2013 Medvezhyegorsk regional museum, Medvezhyegorsk;
15. – 16.6.2013 Cultural museum center, Kostomuksha;
17.5.2013 National museum of the Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk;
22. – 26.6.2013 North Karelia Museum (Joensuu), Fighter’s House (Ilomantsi) (and a visit to the Outokumpu Mining museum).

During the experts’ sessions the project experts and managers met with the representatives of the local administrations and museums and the local community members to hear their opinions about the place of the museum in the cultural life of the region. During the sessions the SWOT analysis was carried out and the directions for the development were discussed. Besides, the experts reviews and updated the matrices that were filled in by the museums before the sessions.

The results of the experts’ sessions gave ground for launching work on the development concepts and new exhibitions (whole or their parts) for the museums in Sortavala, Kostomuksha and Medvezhyegorsk.

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