Karelia ENPI CBC Programme
Euregio Karelia: museum hypertext
Contract 2012-04-426


12 september 2013

Designers visiting participating museums in Karelia

On September 3-5, 2013 designer artists from Petrozavodsk, Moscow (EXPOMANIA) and St.Petersburg (Ludiarchitects Group) visited the museums in Sortavala, Kostomuksha and Medvezhyegorsk. The goals of the closed competition are to create designs of new theme sections in present exhibitions in museums in Sortavala, Kostomuksha and Medvezhyegorsk and to create design projects of the whole system of hypertext markup elements and navigation interfaces of the museum environment being created in the Euregio Karelia region.

Based on the competition results an exhibition “How to Show the Museum Hypertext” will be organized in Petrozavodsk in the Vykhod Media center. The submitted designs and scenarios will also be featured in Facebook in the project’s community.

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This project is funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland