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22 september 2013

Destination - Karelia exhibition in Moscow

On September 21, 2013 the Destination - Karelia photo and multimedia exhibition was opened in the ZIL cultural center in Moscow. 

This exhibition is the result of the journey made by two photographers Anastasia Khoroshilova (Russia) and Jaakko Heikkilä (Finland) to the Euregio Karelia region. The exhibition is based on the artistic and anthropological survey of Karelia with its historical, ethnographic, natural, geographic, social and cultural aspects.

Both artists view Karelia as a unique place which, on one hand, is separated by the state border of Russia and Finland and by the social, military and economic history. And on the other hand this area has a lot of common features that form the phenomenon called the Euregio Karelia region.

Through this exhibition the photographers made an attempt to show how the inner world and the identity of the local people correlate with the national split by traditions, historical memory and the way of life. The answers can be found in the endless photo sheet by Anastasia Khoroshilova and the photo and audio installation by Jaakko Heikkilä.

Venue: ZIL Cultural Center (Vostochnaya St. 4/1, Moscow).
Exhibition open: September 22  - October 27, 2013

More about Anastasia Khoroshilova at www.khoroshilova.net
More about Jaakko Heikkilä at www.studiotube.fi

Photo: m24.ru/ Tatyana Ukhanova

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