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21 april 2014

Open Karelia system on the Museum Geek Festival. Please, vote!

The National Museum of Karelia (project partner) applied the Open Karelia museum information system and an audio guide module for people with vision impairment to the Museum Geek Internet festival of museum multimedia.

The Festival is created to support innovative computer and multimedia programs for museums. Its aim is to foreground the topic of new professional competencies of the museum community. The winner of the Festival will be selected based on public voting at the Festival’s web page. The voting is open until May 18, 2014.

Please, support us by voting for both of our projects at http://gmir.ru/special/gik/gik5/:

1) Open Karelia museum information system
Participant: National Museum of Karelia
Nomination: digital collections

2) Module of the Open Karelia museum information system
Participant: National Museum of Karelia
Nomination: programs for people with special needs

The module is a demo version of the barrier-free environment for people with special needs. Using this audio guide the museum visitors with vision impairment can choose a tour, find their own way in the museum without help and listen to texts about exhibits outside a tour recorded in a regular audio guide. The module is produced as an example of new services that can be created based on the Geo2Tag open platform to expand an Open Karelia free museum information system that joins together 8 museums of the Russian and Finnish Karelia.

More about the Festival at http://gmir.ru/eng/special/festival/participate/information/

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