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28 may 2014

Open Karelia at ADIT-2014 conference

Euregio Karelia: Museum Hypertext project team presented the Open Karelia information system at the ADIT international museum conference in Vyborg.

The 18th international museum conference ADIT-2014 was organized in Vyborg on May 20-24, 2014 by the cultural committee of the Leningrad region, the Museum Agency (Leningrad region) and the ADIT non-commercial partnership ("Automation directions in Museums and Information Technologies"). The Annual ADIT conference held since 1997 is one of the key events to promote information technologies among museums and other cultural institutions. The Conference introduces the best practices in museum and library information technologies, encourages the exchange of experiences and provides expert opinion of the leading specialists of Europe, Moscow and St.Petersburg on the already developed IT products and those that are being created.      

Sergei Balandin, the FRUCT company, and Denis Kuznetsov, the project team member, made the first public presentation of the Open Karelia information system during the discussion “Mobile Technologies in Museums”. The Module of the system which was developed for people with vision impairment and which won the nomination at the first Museum Geek Festival http://www.gmir.ru/special/gik/winners/ was also presented at the Conference as well as a demo of the mobile version of the Open Karelia system which was introduced during the discussion “The Museum Start-Up” at the ADIT youth club. 

All presentations aroused great interest among the Conference participants. The project representatives answered questions of the experts from the major federal museums such as the State Historical Museum, the State Hermitage Museum and the State Tretyakov Gallery as well as the regional museums of the Northwest Russia.

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