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19 january 2015

OPEN KARELIA. Free to join


As the name suggests - the Open Karelia museum system is open for new members, which could come not only from the Euregion Karelia, but from any region of Russia, Europe and the CIS. The new museum-participants do not need to pay entry fee or purchase software. This system is the best solution for creating regional and local networks of museums, as it allows easily complementing the exhibition by external information, while preserving local context and individuality.

In addition to the basic functionality of the museum information system, the delivered kit includes a number of additional services including: educational and entertaining games, historical reconstruction, etc. The new museum-members could use the already created modules for free, by simply entering own content into the system. The system development is already supported by large museum community and FRUCT Association. The content and open modules of the system can be used by 3rd party developers to create own services on top of the system (games, multimedia guides and so on).

To join the system you should send the request to info@fruct.org and we will provide you with required practical information to get started. We are looking forward to see you as a member of our community.



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